Friday, 29 May 2015


Hello All!
This is a very important announcement!
We have recently launched a NEW WEBSITE along with a NEW BLOG!
It's been long overdue - I hope you like it! :D
-Sita Carolina
@Precious.S2 Photography
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Friday, 14 November 2014

Blogger Catchup 02.11.14

A couple of weekends ago, I went to a blogger catch-up event where I met amazing people!
Here's what my afternoon looked like:

First, we were greeted with amazing food and drinks by the Cookie Dough Biscuits...

Met lots of amazing people...

And we walked around to the stores with our new/old friends...

Took photos of amazing clothes...

And bags....

And... Took a selfie!

Thank You Nikola Willis for organising the event and inviting us all! Can't wait till the next one!

More photos are on our facebook page: PreciousS2 Photography
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Cookie Dough Biscuits on Urbanspoon

-Sita Carolina
@Precious.S2 Photography
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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Revolution The Label x Stylespiration

I had the pleasure of attending an amazing store opening and label launch last week! Here are some photos from the night --

There were yummy and awesomely presented food...

There were amazing neck pieces on the wall. This one was my favourite! 

Shelan Creatives also appeared in the store! I love her simple pieces - black ink on white paper. Love!

Finally it was time for the runway. Here are some of my favourite looks:

Oh btw, this is what it looks like AROUND the runway...

Thank you Ben Conroy, designer of the Revolution The Label for inviting me! Wishing you all the best!

More photos are on our facebook page: PreciousS2 Photography
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-Sita Carolina
@Precious.S2 Photography
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Friday, 3 October 2014

The Gaya Applecross

Hmm... Korean Food... I am a sucker for Korean food. I decided we would try this restaurant in Perth and here is my verdict:

I found out when we got there that the restaurant promises that there are no MSGs in their foods. Awesome! While we were making up our minds about what to order, they also gave us this complimentary dish of mini pancakes and what tasted like cheese puffs.

I personally am not a fan of their pancakes. The cheese puffs though, was delicious!

We decided to order four dishes to try. One entre (Japchae) and three mains (The Gaya Bulgogi, 36 Pork and Kalguksoo).

Entre: Japchae
Now I've had Japchae before at a few different restaurants and it's one of my favourite Korean dishes. This one surprised me in that it's wrapped in some sort of pancake. I really liked that! It added a crispy element to each bite which was refreshing!

The Gaya Bulgogi
Bulgogi is the standard dish I always try at Korean restaurants. Purely because it's commonly available. The Gaya's version has more soup than ones I usually eat but the taste is beautiful. Plus, the butter on the rice added that extra flavour that I craved after tasting the bulgogi soup. I would go back just to eat this.

Hmmm... I love anything with red sauce! Though I am no good at spicy foods haha. This dish had a very mild spicy taste. Love the noodles, love the fresh king prawns. Yum.

I have to admit I was sceptical about 36Pork. Fusion dishes are usually not-so-great for me. However, this pork was so so so tender and smooth! The apple and cinnamon refreshes the mouth after the greasy pork.

Side Dishes at The Gaya Applecross
Side Dishes
A Korean feast is never complete without side dishes. Every main meal at The Gaya Restaurant came with a plate like the photograph above. From left to right, the dishes are pickled celery, pancake, apple kimchi. I personally absolutely hate celery but I decided to give this pickled celery a go anyway. I still hate it but this was the most bearable experience of eating celery. The pancake was cold and again, not really a fan of their pancake. The apple kimchi though, YUMMMM. It reminded me of an Indonesian dish we call "Asinan". I think I can eat a whole tub of that.
Nezuki at The Gaya Applecross
Nezuki, my partner in crime.
Food is more enjoyable when you have someone to share it with. This time, surprise surprise, I had the pleasure of dining with the awesome Ness from! What is it with us and food? haha!

The Gaya Restaurant
The Gaya Applecross
The atmosphere in the restaurant was nice, though nothing super special. Just nice for a casual gathering with family and friends.

The prices were a little high - around $25-$30 per main dish. Though the portion sizes were huge! I thought, with the amount of food we ordered, we could've fed two more people. For the four dishes we ordered, it totalled to $100. If four people were dining, that's $25 a head - not too bad for Korean food though it's not the cheapest either.

Another thing I always cringe when eating out is parking space. The Gaya Applecross is located directly behind Gelare and shares parking spaces with other businesses around it. The spaces were full even though it was on a Wednesday night. Though I was really lucky to find a parking spot pretty much as soon as I got to the area.

All in all, I was quite happy with the food and service. Especially that it's MSG free! I would definitely go back to eat there.

The Gaya Applecross on Urbanspoon

Thank you to The Gaya Applecross for having us to dine!

-Sita Carolina
@Precious.S2 Photography
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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

SheSaidFashion: MAZZAFERRO Couture label

I have recently come in to contact with a very amazing person named Chantelle. She's the fashion goddess behind SheSaidFashion. I have agreed to collaborate with her and her label Mazzaferro Couture to do a series of photographs.

The photo shoot features four singlet designs from the Mazzaferro label, styled on the very beautiful model Charlotte Egan. Here are the photographs:

The Team:

Model: Charlotte Egan
Make-Up Artist: Kaisha of MakupByFace
Stylist: Chantelle Mesiti of SheSaidFashion

-Sita Carolina
@Precious.S2 Photography
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